Dear Ken

I would like to tell you how wonderful I am finding parenting since I have started with your techniques.

When I arrived at your doorstep I was desperate, I was beginning to dislike parenting more and more, I felt as though I was spending every waking moment negotiating with one or both of my young offspring.

With the simple, basic, easy to follow and non-aggressive approach to parenting that you believe in and have put into practice yourself, I have started enjoying my parenting and even more importantly I am enjoying my children again.

My 10yr old responds well to the rules that are put into place, my 3yr old loves the structure and the shop and pocket money is an amazing idea they both love this idea.

Putting the television rules into place took a bit of time but once they got the hang of it was free sailing, there is time that they will try and get a little more out of it but we know we cannot bend.

Play station is fantastic now we have only 2 hours a week and this is great because it seemed like days on end we would only see our 10-year-old at mealtimes and to watch his favourite television programme.

Your reading and math programmes have brought my son to a space where he is definitely more confident in himself and he is actually enjoying his English and Maths and is almost ready to attend a mainstream school at the level he should be at.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom with me, I cannot tell you the difference in my home I feel like a better parent for being with you, I am truly grateful for everything you are doing with us.

Thank you

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