I have discovered it is: Here’s how:

I have a 6-year-old son who is currently in grade R.  For the past 2 years his teachers have been complaining about his behaviour at school.  He is an intelligent, lively child – full of ideas and imagination.  His teachers say he cannot sit still, disrupts the class and disturbs the other children. At home, he tended to watch TV whenever possible – got bored quickly and always had an answer for everything.  The teachers advised us to have him assessed, as they believed he was a candidate for Ritalin, as, according to them, when he reached grade 1 he would be compromised in his abilities to learn.

I am completely against drugging my child, as I believe in the end it will lead to dependent behaviour and drug dependency as well. After consulting a play therapist who concluded that my child was normal but would require Ritalin in the future, a physical therapist who worked with him for a few months and corrected his “low muscle tone” and a clinical psychologist who reported he is highly intelligent, but still recommended Ritalin to control his impulsive behaviour, I was at my wit’s end.

I even took my child to remedial schools, who, after looking at his scores told me I would be compromising his future by sending him there. I heard about Ken Resnick from a friend who had had great success with her children after consulting him.  I interviewed him on the phone to find out his thoughts on Ritalin.  After hearing about his approach, my husband and I met with him. He explained his ideas about setting boundaries for children.

Ken can explain his methods in detail, but on our part, the change in our son was overnight.  He has found new interests.  His behaviour with friends has improved.  For the first time, therapy has actually worked. Ken has been to the school and explained his method to the teacher and principal, who are highly impressed.

My son’s behaviour has improved at school, and I believe that with the support of the teachers following Ken’s methods, life for parents and children will be greatly improved without the need for months of therapy and drugging the children.  I do not believe drugs can alter behaviour permanently.  The behaviour remains when the drugs are removed, so the behaviour itself must be changed.

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