"The behaviour of the boys is amazing. We have observed a hunger to learn and do things better"

"My husband and I read your manual yesterday and started using some of the points related to tantrums and have already seem a marked improvement in our little boys behaviour"

"I know that by using your techniques at school and at home it will lead to a better behaved, well mannered and well balanced child"

"Concentration levels – she received an achievement award for maths and reading last term which is proof that she is really overcoming this problem and working hard"

"I have moved my classes from simply teaching to a warm style of parenting. In the process feel more in touch with my classes. No one falls through the cracks."

"Since your workshop, I have not smacked my boys once – regular hidings to keep them in check are a thing of the past. I also shout FAR less than I ever did before – and now when I DO have to shout – it makes them jump and, boy, do they listen!! Before I started Kensway – I was shouting daily and my “shouty” voice was just ignored!"

"We started implementing the plan of action yesterday, and WOW I’m already seeing the results after one day! I must admit I was very hesitant in the beginning but I now realise how Matthew had made a hook of being scared all the time, and playing on it. I told him it’s fine I will following him to the toilet, but then he’s choosing to act like a baby, as only babies expected that (and I acted very confused), I also went on to say I will get all his baby toys out and his baby blanket, which I did, and BOY DID HE NOT LIKE THAT! This morning he was speaking out of habit and called me, then paused and stopped himself and went “oh never mind” and went to the toilet on his own."

"So far our family is really benefitting from Kensway and Jonathan is really
thriving under the new “regime”. His fears have calmed down a lot and although they haven’t disappeared, he does seem better able to use his frontal lobe and control his fears. Jonathan has responded very well to the extra responsibility too–he’s loving the pocket money for chores, the shop and getting that half hour of tv for good behaviour. The dramatic improvement is that he will now go anywhere in the house by himself, including the back bedroom (spareroom), which was unthinkable before Kensway."

"I have been a little apprehensive to write this email to you as I don’t want to jinx our much improved situation at home! We have had a wonderful, happy holiday with our family and Adam has been a star. He seems to have turned a corner and has become the child we’ve been waiting for for so long! He’s polite, more easy-going, helpful, cooperative, calmer and his attitude has improved significantly. He seems to have realised the benefits of behaving well and towing the line and I think he appreciates the happier and less stressed home life."