Parenting Consequences

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Inappropriate Parenting

When a parent ‘loses it’ and starts a head-banging contest with their child, the child is in control and the consequences of this is chaos. The Smartchoiceparenting Programme (SCPP) equips parents with the tools that will enable them to stay calm and ensure that their child owns their own problem by taking pre-empted consequences for bad choices. 

smart choice parenting parenting decoded ken resnick

Parenting Management

Parenting is a management job and only a small percentage of the job of parenting is nurturing. Virtually all parents in functional families are good nurturers. They love their children, send them to good schools, clothe and feed them. However, many are poor managers of their children. 

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Disharmonious Educative Relationship

While all other evidence-based parenting programmes that I have researched tend to focus on helping parents deal with their child’s inappropriate behaviour or poor performance at school, the Smartchoiceparenting Programme (SCPP) appears to be the only programme that is able to give parents the insight as to the vital role that they play in their child’s development