Dr. Ken Resnick, Educational Psychologist and Founder of the SmartChoiceParenting Programme, established in 2008. The principles of the SCPP are based on social learning, functional analysis and cognitive behavioural principles.

As an Educational psychologist at a co-educational school, Dr. Resnick assessed over several hundred learners of varying ages, over a period of 13 years, often observed that these learners exhibited the following tendencies: low motivation, lack of perseverance, opting out, fear of failure and a lack of will in accepting a challenge.

These outcomes resulted in them forming a strong dependency on learning support, along with an accompanying feeling of low self-esteem. Dr. Resnick found a pattern of ‘learned helplessness’, which was also linked to children diagnosed with ‘barriers to learning’. In Dr. Resnick’s research, these learners came primarily from homes where the parents were either over-involved or over-controlling, where the children had been over-indulged, where there were no consistent rules or consequences, and where they were not shown how to take responsibility for themselves. From questions that Dr. Resnick put to parents, it seemed that clear rules with very consistent consequences were usually not present or understood by the child. This often resulted in inconsistent parenting and insecure and uncooperative children.

Through Dr. Resnicks studies, in evaluating the SmartChoiceParenting Programme for his Doctorate, Dr. Resnick found a strong correlation between parenting styles and the healthy development of the child.

Dr. Resnick’s evidence based programme has shown that parents as the primary educator play a pivotal role in ensuring that their child develops into an independent, passionate and self-motivated individual who will be equipped to deal with the challenges that life presents. The SmartChoiceParenting Programme focuses on helping parents understand that their style of parenting is at the core of virtually all of a child’s developmental problems, both behaviourally and academically. 

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