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The Gap

Have you ever given it a thought that we are all born with potential and only ever utilize a small portion of it? It’s sad to think most of us pass on without having a clue how much potential hasn’t been actualized.

How to deal with stress during exam season

Learners in South Africa are preparing for their exams. The best tip that can be given to any learner in order to equip them to deal with exams in a relaxed fashion is the old Boy Scout motto, ’Be prepared’.

Adult Kids, the Millenial Problem

There is a growing number of families who are sitting with ‘adult kids’. Individuals who have dropped out of varsity who have the car, the latest tech, the girlfriend and the easy life without any intention of leaving home.

Learning Disability

The role of the parent whose child has a learning disability cannot be under estimated. Often the problem is exacerbated by the parent becoming overly involved with their child and as a result the child becomes over-dependent.

How to talk to your children

No person enjoys being spoken down to, and this includes children. Children need to be spoken to firmly but not harshly and you need to get their buy in and ‘close the deal’. Usually parents will resort to shouting, screaming and punishing children for their behavior.

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