Counselling Services

Marriage Counselling

With the stresses of this day and age, many marriages take a huge
amount of strain. In order for marriages to work well, both parties
need to work at it. The most common scenario that I’ve observed when
cracks start appearing in the marriage is that mothers tend to over-involve
themselves with their kids and then deal with these cracks by
nagging and becoming more and more demanding of attention from
their spouses.

Subject Choice Assessments

A vital year for learners in South Africa is Grade 9 because, by the end of
August, they must choose the seven subjects they will study until they
matriculate. Some learners have never made a big decision in their lives
and are therefore confused as to what subject combination would best
suit them. Subject choice assessments will help make this process simpler
and the SmartChoiceParenting™ staff is eager to assist in this regard.

Career Counselling

Arguably the two biggest decisions that we have to make in our lives are; who we marry and what career do we choose. Often we are totally unprepared and ignorant as to the consequences of these decisions. Many career assessments tend to pull a string of careers out of a hat without taking into consideration the complexity of the client’s personality.

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